The Quiet Fight Between Women

Course Dates: Open-ended
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Who can Enroll: Anyone
Course Language: English
Price: $79.00

About the Course

The Quiet Fight Between Women is the only 100% self-paced guided online video study that will teach you how to transform your relationships with women so you can create a healthy and fulfilling community of friendships.

Most women live in a bondage that is culturally and self-imposed due to entrapment in a comparison game. This guided video study seeks to begin the process of restoring a sisterhood that is currently scarred with judgmentalism, competition, and division, by bringing into light the “pink elephant” topics which create division, and exhorting both spiritual growth as well as maturity past this high school drama that distracts us from our greatest call, The Great Commission. This is for women who want to be set free. I have made a commitment to the Lord, that I am willing to allow Him to use me however he needs to in order to set free His daughters who are living in bondage, unable to authentically share who they are, how they have experienced God, simply because they are living in fear of what others will think of them. They are fearful of being judged and/or making others feel judged. 


If you are interested in leading a group through The Quiet Fight Between Women and would like to learn more about this guided video study, please click here

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Angie Tolpin

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